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The Westminster
Larger Catechism

The Westminster Larger Catechism, as the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Westminster Shorter Catechism, is a subordinate doctrinal standard of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Other denominations hold the Confession and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms as subordinate doctrinal standards as well, such as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). These documents are subordinate in as much as the ultimate authority is the Bible.

The recommended hard copy Westminster Larger Catechism is found in the following book, which contains the official doctrinal standards of the PCA and OPC:

The Westminster Confession of Faith,
Including the Larger Catechism and
Shorter Catechism with Scripture Proofs
Copyrighted by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church,
and printed by Christian Education and Publications (CEP) of the PCA, 2007.
The numerous Scripture references throughout the Confession and the Catechisms, provide support for the position that these documents give clear expression to what is taught in the Bible. This book may be purchased from the PCA online Bookstore, by clicking here.

A free online version of the Westminster Larger Catechism is available, as indicated below. However, this version does not include the Scripture references. To be redirected to the online version of the Westminster Larger Catechism, click here.

The OPC makes available the complete Westminster Larger Catechism, including the Scripture references, in pdf format. To be redirected to the free pdf version of the Westminster Larger Catechism, click here.

A particularly good book to study the Larger Catechism with is as follows:

Johannes G. Vos (edited by G. I. Williamson),
The Westminster Larger Catechism: A Commentary,
P&R Publishing, 2002.
This is readily available. For example, for its availability on Amazon and to look inside the book, click here. This commentary modernizes each catechism question, and demonstrates the importance and impact that these questions have on sound theology. Discussion questions are included. Highly recommended.