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Book Reviews

Beginning in 1999 I have been regularly writing book reviews for the Evangel News, a monthly newsletter of the Evangel Presbyterian Church in Wichita, Kansas.  Copies of those reviews through August of 2008 may be accessed from this web site.  Those reviews that appeared in the Evangel News are identified as such. If I were to take the time to do so, I suppose I would change a few things especially with some of the older reviews, but I have not done that. They appear here as they appeared in the Evangel News.

Another review included here is an early one that was written in 1993. I include it because it is the longest review that I have written and is relevant to this web site. It is a review of Portraits of Creation: Biblical and Scientific Perspectives on the World's Formation, by Howard J. Van Till, Robert E. Snow, John H. Stek, and Davis A. Young. The review is listed in the Chronological Order and the Author Order below.

Beginning in September of 2008 I started writing book reviews specifically for this web site, which is when this web site was started.  Reviews written specifically for this web site are identified simply as "Reviewed in month year."

I have organized these reviews in several ways: chronological order, author order, and in terms of topics. The chronological and author listings include all book reviews on this web site. The topical listings only include those titles relevant to the particular indicated topic. Click on the indicated link for the selected listing.

Recent Book Review Additions:
For those of you that return to this web site from time to time, and would like to conveniently check on recent book review additions, click on the Chronological Order below and scroll to the bottom of the listing.


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