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Early Review


I include this early review for the following reasons:  (1) it is the longest review that I have written,  (2) in spite of the passage of time I still think the review has merit and reasonably well expresses my thoughts on the subject, and  (3) it expresses very important concerns I have about how well-meaning Christians in important positions can be very wrong and potentially can do more damage than high-profile atheists. 

The review is of Portraits of Creation: Biblical and Scientific Perspectives on the World’s Formation, by Howard J. Van Till, Robert E. Snow, John H. Stek, and Davis A. Young, and published by William B. Eerdmans in 1990.  The book is still available (December 2008) from  I do not know how influential this book has been, but the fact that it is still in print suggests that it has been reasonably successful.

I submitted my review to the publisher of the journal of the American Scientific Affiliation in 1993, but it was rejected. They initially expressed interest, but apparently reviewers’ comments changed their minds.  No specific critical feedback was provided, nor any specific reviewers’ comments.  Click below for the review.


          Review of Portraits of Creation.